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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Six of February


Good morning, aunties and uncles.

I hope all of you will have a good day, today. No no no Monday blues okay? Hehe :)

As for me, I'm feeling much better today. My flu finally decided to go away today. My fever and cough is slightly still with me. It is okay, it will be gone soon. I hope.

Rania's partner in crimes.

So, yeah! I can jump and run around with my little uncle today 👫. Our favorite activities every day every time excluding when my Tok Teh (she's the who take care of me when mama go to work) ask us (sometimes force us) to take a nap after Zuhr in order for her too cook peacefully. Hehe. I'm little bit naughty, I know.
Okay, I got to go now. I have lots to do today. Have a nice day, everyone. 😛

Lots of love,

Ps: When a Muslim spends something on his family intending to receive Allah's reward it is regarded as Sadaqa for him [Bukhari]

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