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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Two.Thousand.Fifteen Most Precious Moment

Major throwback. One year ago.
Different women different pregnancy/birth story but they are all exciting, encouraging, nervous, infectious moments for each of us. I had my baby very early from the expected date. I was admitted to a ward due to low hb. No contraction, 0 cm, nothing. Not to mentioned, hours monitoring before they decided to send me to the ward. Hm, I really thought I will run because seriously I always run from the hospital before but not this time. Blur me just followed the instructions.
(Make it short)
12 hours passed and nothing happened.  I walked around the ward, and kept on thinking of going home haha its so hot in there erghh and and people screaming here and they made me feel anxious. I can't sleep. So, I watched "drama inside the ward with screaming, yelling, yada yada" until the next morning.  I even know who come in and out of the ward lol
6am (new day) carried on my day as normal (in hosp) and I feel nothing. Then, the nurse came and told me, they will induce me at 8am. I was like 'haaa?'. Rush to the toilet, took my showered, get ready and keep on asking "am I ready?"  "are you ready to see the world, baby?" Fuhh. Fuhh. Keep telling myself everything will be fine. You know with your first baby everything is so new.
8am walk to the one small room nearby the toilet, pull the door, and well guess what? I'm not alone. There's about 6-7 mothers there pheww at least I'm not alone. But I'm the youngest among them pfft even heard they said, it's hurt and blablabla *take a deep breath* and and next, my name was called ha ha okay, check up down there do hurt that accidentally I kicked my doctor. He he he next, back to my bed, lied down and watching around. Ugh.
Some hours had passed already, no contraction and 0 cm was not a sign of good progress. I was told before, that I would require second induction if there's still nothing. At 4pm I had uncomfortable cramps but nothing you could set your watch to. I did walk around the ward and talking to other patients and alternated between the couch and the toilet.. At 4:30pm menstrual cramp feeling got too intense so I decided to sleep.  Woke up to my husband touched, and smile :,) ask him to ask nurse for pain killer. So,  the doctor came over to check on me and the baby and was told its already 6cm open, suddenly they were shouting one another put me on the stroller, push me straight to the labor room.
(Inside the labor room)
Dangggg so damn cold. There is some mistakes made by the doctor. Its only 3cm open. Arghh. The nurse keep on babbling, mad at the doctor maybe. I was left alone. Heard that, the room next to me gave birth without the doctor or nurse luckily nothing happen to the baby. Damn! I'm scared. Then, I realized, contraction were intense enough that I needed to hold something when they hit. No one come. I continued bouncing and breathing and humming and felt as though the contractions were getting a bit stronger. Then, the nurse come over shortly and checks on how things were going. She said 5cm open. We need to wait until 10cm. *sigh* 
The pain quickly intensified I went with my gut and my gut was telling me that the pain was too much for me to bear. I could feel my body pushing. The nurse asks me if I want to push now. I nodded. She check, 6cm. She called my husband to come inside. I ask for my mom actually haha. But only husband is allowed to go inside LR. I was just trying to remember to breath. 
(Make it short)
Three push and the baby was born :) It was 6:33pm. I was in labour room not more than two hours and a premature baby were out. Thank you, Allah for an easy delivery and short term pain. While the other nurse taking my baby out or labor room to somewhere to cleaned her and go through some processed. Me still there saw the nurse was taking out the placenta and do stitch “thingy”. Glad to know that I only lost a fair amount of blood. Alhamdulillah. My birth was far from what I had imagined yet the whole experience was utterly amazing.
Syukran Ya Allah.

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