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Friday, March 15, 2013

Worst. Week. Ever.

Worst. Week. Ever. That's the summary of this week. It couldn't have gone worse. I had to wake up early in the morning everyday including today (Saturday) to go to work. Get ready and everything was going smoothly at first. Only at first then there's always bad things happen.

First. I was in hurry and accidentally hit someone car. I pulled off to the side of the road and talk to the car owner. Lucky me he's not mad and said it's okay, calar sikit je pun. Fuhhh.

Second. Gastric attack, stomach cramps, flu, light headedness, nauseous, and vomiting starts early in the morning. What do you think? Hell yeah, Im totally sick. I seriously need full medical check up hmm something wrong somewhere. I wish the doctors can fix everything including my brain 'cause I feel like Im going nut. But, truly is I dont like hospitals especially when Im SICK so I didnt go. Bertahan je lah hingga ke hari ini.

Third. Losing my money -.- and I cant used my ATM card. Haih it was always something in between.

And today. My car broke down but it seems like someone with intention pancitkan tayar and do something pada car battery. Tension gila. Di bawah sinaran matahari yang terik, we need to open the tyres then pikul that heavy tyre to the nearest Petronas, isi angin then pikul balik to the car. Both front tyres pancit. Dua kali ulang alik pikul tayar , nasib baik cik abang yang pikul but still terasa penatnya. ;)  Lepas settle kereta tadi, me terus ke tempat kerja. Sigh, one hour and a half latee.

And then Im here writing this... All I can say is 'hope things never happen again'.

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Tihara said...

banyak dugaannya, alhamdulillah setel..cuma take care yea gastrik tu..jumpa Dr :)

Siti said...

sama lah..tgh gastrik..time byk keja pulak tu.syukur la x de apa2 yg terlalu teruk jadi kt awk walaupun byk dugaan.take care ya.slm knl.

HasnulYakin Mohammed said...

Chin up! You'll be okay..

Myra Jay said...

Sabar ye, ujian tu dan menguji kesabaran

ADEEYA said...

Thankyou semua. Memang ujian. Sampai hari ni ibarat sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga

ADEEYA said...

Thankyou semua. Memang ujian. Sampai hari ni ibarat sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga

Dibah Shokri said...

Assalamualaikum :) Jom jom visit blog Dibah, nak introduce satu produk best punya. Hihihi.

Thank you Cik Adeeya :)

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