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Friday, January 25, 2013

If another girl steals him away?

Let it be. If he really did care about you, he would have brushed the other girl off, he would have realized what he was doing was wrong, he would have told her to back off & go find someone else, but instead, he allowed her to take him away from you. & you don’t want a guy like that, cause that ain’t a man, that’s just another horny little boy. See, real men are loyal. And loyal men don’t get stolen.

(Source: teddietedeezy)


Anonymous said...

Wrong my lil sis. I had been in this situation before. I fought for her but not good enough and that's y now she's far away from me. You,fight well. If he's worth it,fight until you win and don't end up like me. And always remember, put Him 1st in whatever you do~bellamy

alya said...

Hey Adeeya. Chin up girl, you're still young, there's more to life than what you've already seen. Travel, explore, be a better you and someone better, the best, will come. Allah is fair, I'm sure He has reserved someone special for you. But, if this guy's worth it, then he's worth it. If not, don't let him put you in second when there's tons out there who would rather put you as their first. Alright girl. :) :) :)

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