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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dreadful Examination is Coming Soon.

Conversation between me and twitterfriend:

Me: I really should start studying..
Ash Burn: I really should start relax n lepak..
Me: Shut up AbuBakrAsSiddiq :p ishhh I know lahh you dah habis exam
Ash Burn: adeeya hehe,maybe la kan u should just ditch the exam and have fun ohh! xD what say you?
Me:  I say No. :p
Ash Burn: up to you then,study like craze and read like a machine alright ;) the best of luck for u~ hehe
Me:  Err dont want too huhuhu thankyouu for the luck wish :p ssuup?
Ash Burn: soup u mean?hahah one mushroom soup please!:D hby?soup ape?

Me: Lol. 

Final examination is coming soon. By mean of soon is nextweek and too bad my first is on Monday 20 May 2012. Ugh I didnt study ANYTHING yet! Seriously, Im dead. EOP, CAM and PE involve alots of reading. My brain is dead slower to memorize nowdays. Im DEAD. Totally dead. God pls help me? :(


Myra Jay said...

Sama la kita final exam dah dekat, tp buku tak baca lagi..huhuuu

ADEEYA said...

Myra Jay: Goodluck final exam! :)

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