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Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday 06 Feb 2012

Get horribly sick
My toothache                      -------->
 is really killing me.                                 ARGHHH !
I keep vomiting                  -------->
1.Papa & Mama came here today. Oh ya not forget Fikri also. Picked up me at Shah Alam then off to Sogo, KL.     Met him there. Yaa, Im going out with him, mama, papa and Fikri. 
2.Purchased three long sleeve shirt :D hehehehehe thank you papa. 
3. Dinner with them at Masjid India. ;)
Im off to the comfort bed now. Goodnight bloggers. Sweet dream.



Kamalia said...

uwaaa..sakit tu..cepat2 pi dentist..

Sarah Mohd Saleh said...

wahh beshnyaaa dpt jumpe si die...jgn lpe jmpe dentist.xleh bia kann will kill you softly..hihi

ADEEYA said...

Kamalia- Sakit sangat :(

Sarah- Best lah :D hurmhurm jumpa dentist. Takut lah dentist. Tp memang killing me softly pun ni. Tiap malam meraung.

noornazuha said...

Adeeya..x letak shoutbox ke?senang akak nak jerit..hehe

ADEEYA said...

noornazuha - Kak hee dah letak dah :D

SweetMelody said...

Good evening!
I'm not far ahead today to visit my favorite blogs.
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I thank you for your visit and especially for your comment on my first post on Valentine's Day.
Each also people who leave a comment every day, there will be posts and different images, I will add that to my visits.
I hope that your day was very good today.
I wish you a very pleasant evening
Chris kisses

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Ahmad Ali (bukan nama sebenar) said...

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