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Friday, January 6, 2012

Exam Mode

Whenever it comes
It comes with a bang
ya, I am here to agree 
I have fear of exams
If it wouldn't have been for exam
There wouldn't have been any term like cram
Till now exams have been cause of most of my sorrows
So I will do anything to stop it from ruining my tomorrow
Exams do nothing but create mess
Without it the world will become a better place
So I ask people to support my cause
And help me in rescuing the world from its vicious jaws
Remember if you want to lead a life without pain
Now is the time to eliminate exams
Now is the time to eliminate exams

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, EXAM EXAM EXAM!  My paper.... ugh three days straight in a row. 
10 Jan 2012 - Systemic Pathology
11 Jan 2012 - Clinical Diagnostic 1 
12 Jan 2012 - Neuropharmacology
Die bitch die. Im no where near ready. Haih, gonna push myself remembering everything from now! Stressed. STUDY HARD Adeeya!!! 

p/s: Goodluck to all my friends and MSU-ian. 


Nini D.. said...

study hard k..take care :)

Myra Jay said...

Good luck dear :)

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